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eVETMI: Day of Vocational Education and Training

EKVASIS will participate for the eVETMI project in  the event, eVETMI: Day for Vocational Education and Training  in Argos on 09/06/2023. This will be attended by representatives of Vocational Education and Training (VET) and key people for student employability, who will therefore answer student questions. We are very excited to present who we are and also give guidance about employment opportunities for students in remote areas through innovative technologies. 
The platform EKVAIS created for eVETMI has been  introduced to VET trainees from Argos and other areas. Stay tuned for our Info day! 


The project has advanced significantly since the initial meeting in Lille. having reached the completion of a practical approach to AI for primary schools.  Based on the above modules, the lesson plans were also completed. EKVASIS took on the part of vision and speech in Artificial Intelligence through several examples, such as ALEXA. We have also contributed with some ideas for the upcoming creation of the Minecraft World.